Individuals with prior knowledge of the alphabet and some basic vocabulary, along with the ability to comprehend are eligible for the course. During the course learn to:

  • Use correct phonic sound of alphabets
  • Use different ways of greeting and taking leave from people
  • Address people with right titles
  • Use ‘be’ forms of the verb in simple present tense
  • Use the correct descriptive adjectives
  • Speak about daily and weekly activities


  • Learn to speak about everyday routine
  • Learn to pronounce past simple verbs
  • Learn to pronounce past form of irregular verbs
  • Learn to use comparative and superlative adjectives correctly during conversations
  • Learn to read paragraphs attentively
  • Learn to use proper etiquettes and manners while conversing
  • Learn to listen to narratives


  • Learn to use present simple & present continuous tenses
  • Learn to use the stress-based approach to pronunciation
  • Learn to identify and use intonation while conversing
  • Learn to present an argument
  • Learn to use the right words while communicating
  • Learn to draft effective formal and informal emails


  • Learn to use appropriate conversation starters
  • Learn to use down-toning in emails
  • Learn to write and present progress reports
  • Learn to converse about economic issues and current affairs
  • Learn to build repport
  • Learn to listen and interpret the meaning of conversations
  • Learn to converse on TV shows and write an itinerary
  • Learn the art of negotiation and stating preferences
  • Learn to criticize or appreciate a performance
  • Learn to identify and interpret market jargons and converse on marketing issues


  • Use present simple and present continuous during conversations
  • Read paragraphs and interpret their meaning accurately
  • Apply knowledge of juxtaposition in written communication
  • Make appropriate use of past simple tense in oral communication
  • Identify the crux of various texts and title them appropriately
  • Apply knowledge of past simple verbs in written communication
  • Identify and use modal verbs of obligation during conversations
  • Interpret telephone language accurately
  • Grasp important points
  • Use present continuous for future meeting arrangements /
  • Guess the meaning of new words
  • Attend an interview with confidences
  • Draft a letter and accept a job proposal
  • Frame sentences using conditional clauses


IELTS is the most popular test to asses the language skill. It is for the students who are aiming for higher studies or for employees who want to work in English speaking countries.

In countries where is English is the medium of communication. More than 9000 institutes recognize this test in 135 countries for study.

Prepare for IELTS with our trained professionals. Our expertise helps the students in getting acquired with the concepts.


Advanced level English allows trainees to speak fluently without any hiccups. People at this level can learn and understand subtle and detailed conversational vocabulary and texts. They can able to express themselves in a well-mannered way.

Our courses offer great value and more flexible to learn English in an advanced way. This is for people who want to excel in their careers.


Learning objectives for Aptech captures the goals for the course. Students who complete our course can:

  • Demonstrate their skills in English/Literature.
  • Be able to perform well in computers.
  • Find new opportunities and New Qualification
  • Document their work and achieve their aim of getting a new job.
  • Employ different techniques of reading, writing and speaking in informal and formal English.
  • Over here students will attain the ability to work effectively on teams to accomplish their goals.
  • Trainees will attain the ability to implement knowledge of computer appropriately about their discipline.